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Paisley Map (Coloured)

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Previously coined with different names such as Paislay, Passelet, Passeleth, and Passelay, Paisley is a town located in the west-central Lowland areas. The town rose to fame in the 12th century because of the Paisley Abbey establishment and has become the center of the weaving industry producing the well-known Paisley Pattern textile design. 


All our prints are printed on smooth, bright white, quality art papers with a matte finish, and are delivered in rigid spiral-wound cardboard tubes.

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Unframed
  • Weight: 180gsm (5.3oz/yd)
  • Printing method: Giclée

Eco credentials:

  • Printed using water-based inks.
  • From sustainable forests.
  • Contains no plastic